ISSN: 1817-5880

Volume 28, Issue 20

Volume 28, Issue 20, Spring 2011, Page 12-336

The Future of Foreign Direct Investment In Arabian Gulf

Dr. Hannah Acid Al-Khadir; atif Lafi Marzoog; Dr. A

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 20, Pages 12-56

The research deals with the investment in Arab Gulf countries. Despite the importance of oil, the region has become attractive to many investors, there are many investments are coming according to several good elements, at the same time there is another bad element of this attraction. The research aims to predict the future and what will the situation of investment be.

The Relationships between Objectivity of Accounting Figurers & Locus of control with Accountants Scouting Study for the Sample of Accountants working in the number of Iraqi Companies

M. ScMunther Jabar Dagher; Dr. Abdul-Khaliq Al-Badrran

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 20, Pages 57-86

The current study examined the relationship between Locus of Control and objectivity of accounting figures, it has developed a matrix for the relations between variables of the study: Locus of control and Objectivity of the accounting figures, a questionnaire was designed to studied these relations and distributed to a sample consisting of (78) members of the Iraqis accountants. The study found a statistically significant relationship between the accountants who are characterized by external locus of control and objective accounting figures based on Corroborator evidence. There is no statistically significant relation between the accountants who have the internal locus of control and objective accounting figures based on Corroborator evidence, on the other side, study did not reach a statistically significant relation between the accountants who have external locus of control and objectivity -based accounting figures consensus.

The Impact Of Valuation System In Conflict Management Strategies Analytical Study At University Of Basrah

Assist Lecturer. Hani F.Al-Shawi; Lecturer. Shatha A.Alwaan

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 20, Pages 87-114

The study tested the impact of valuation system at university of Basrah. The sample includes deans and managers of scientific centers in the university also the sample contains (30) individual. The study depends on the main hypothesis that the valuation system has a significant impact in conflict management strategies. The researcher used questionnaire of two part, the first part constructed according to(Naum-scalp:1998),while the second part constructed according to (AL- Taiai &Al-Atwi:2006)also the researcher used several kinds of statistical method such as mean, standard deviation, simple correlation factor and (F)test to analyze the collected data. Results that derived from this study showing that main hypothese is valid according to this point the study has com out with number of commenations..

The Expected Impacts of Economic reform Policies on Unemployment and Poverty in Iraq

Lecturer; ali; Amjad Sabah Abid Al a

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 20, Pages 151-189

Iraqi committed with economic reform policies after 2003. according to the IMF recommendation after the signing of ((Arrangements support agreements)), The procedure was a result for foreign Iraqi dept, which arrived to123 billion dollar. The reform included finances and monetary policies, leading to negative results on unemployment and poverty in Iraqi economy.

Reality and the Effects of Foreign Direct Investment Law Iraq's Economy

Suhad Ahmad Rashid; Assist Lecturer

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 20, Pages 189-135

Foreign investments one of the rare issues emerged from the rare back row since in 1850 to occupy stage centre in modern economy issues. Foreign investments represent foreign powers that exercise non national activities.
Foreign investments had not welcomed back in fifties and sixties. As for the time being laws encourages foreign investment in Iraq the former regime imposed full isolation, Scientifically, culturally, and intellectually. The importance of foreign investment shows to catch the world up and to attract foreign investments.

Privatization of The Oil Sector in Iraq

Assist Lecturer; ail Qasim Rashid

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 20, Pages 236-276

This research deals with the process of finding the best alternative that assists administration, investment and property capital business in the oil sector which has performance problems of several types: administrative, managing, technical and marketing. It has proved that the solution to the problems mentioned above lies in minimizing the control of the government in the fields of developmental and investment. In other words, the state has to play the role of a monitor and reformer using its relevant tools plainly on its way to arrive at the most needed change achieving balanced and fair interests for both the public and private sectors and at a very low cost. This can be done by adopting privacy plans to arrive at better results at the level of the local market which seems to be too limited financially.

Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Assist Lecturer; Maryam Khair Allah khalif

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 20, Pages 277-327

The tourism sector occupies an increasing importance in the Saudi economy and depends on it in activation the economic development and variation of origin of income and generate more of the chance of work and improve the situating of balance of payment.
Tourism considers one of the capital jobs and it is an important support for strengthening the national economy for economical utility which presented in the means of travel and other services which tourist needs there are much more of evaluator of tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia which represent in humanity and natural evaluator. And any drop in these evaluator carry out problem and difficulties in the future of tourism and promotion of tourism in the region, also the research includes the centers of tourist lodging and employ the tourist activation in Saudi Arabia.