ISSN: 1817-5880

Volume 27, Issue 18

Volume 27, Issue 18, Spring 2010, Page 12-237

Markets of Derivetives And Its Role In Financial Globalization

Assist. Lecturer Iiham Khaz; el Nashoor; Dr. Mehdi Salih Hantoosh; Dr. Shaban Saddam ALemarah

Gulf Economist, Volume 27, Issue 18, Pages 12-66

The sudden turnovers that the financial markets witnessed recently, including the fluctuations in the rate of exchange, rate of interest, prices of commodities, and other assets have become one of the sailent phenomena in the world economy . These turnovers have resulted from the structural changes that the economy was exposed to those changes cover the assessment of rates of exchange and the collapse of the Briton woods system, and also the abolishment of limitations and obstacles in the flow of capital across borders .
These turnovers formed a serious danger threatening the world financial and bank organizations. The threat extended to their existence . For these reasons financial derivatives markets have come into being to form a new world based on the Financial Engineering .
The increasing significance of the new financial tools and their role in the movement of capital and comedies too, they have the major role in the globalization of financial activity worldwide so that they become an important pillar in the financial globalization.

Information Systems and its Relation with the Output Efficiency: Case Study

Assist . Lecturer; Mahmoud Shakir Ashoor; Lecturer Dr. Fatima Jasim Mohammed

Gulf Economist, Volume 27, Issue 18, Pages 67-92

The study aims to measure the relationship between the components of the computerized Information system (personnel, software, hardware, and data) and the information quality and the level of the influence of this relationship. The study has been done in the South Oil Company (SOC). The researcher depends on two samples: the first one is represented by a group of people working in the information system (department of information and computer) in order to know the components of the information system and the range of correlation among them. The second sample includes a group of decision makers (managers in senior management) in order to know the level of information quality which is supplied by the information system in the company.
The study used the descriptive analytics patterns. The study depends on main hypothesis “There would be a functional significant relationship and impact between the components of the information system and information quality” The study has come up to a lot of conclusions, some of which are the incompleteness of the computerized information system in the company under study , and the non-existence of clear standards to measure the information quality .

Industrialization Strategy Evaluation in U.A.E (1990-2007)

Lecturer Amjed Sabah Abdulali; Asist . Lecturer. Haithem Abdulla Salman

Gulf Economist, Volume 27, Issue 18, Pages 93-137

Industrialization development has passed through different stages strarting with focus on the GDP growth followed by external trade growth focus which led to the growth of export & import movement. The export growth focused on production for exports and markets opening, while import growth focused on the import of capital goods which have the ability to make production tools. While the last stage focused on raising productivity level of production tools through technology.
Thus, U.A.E tended, since three decades, to varify its production base. As such, this reserch is concerned with studying capital importance and its economic efficiency.

The Industrial Sector in Basrah Governorate A survey Of the Small Industrial Projects for the Year 2007

Dr. Basheer H. Ouda

Gulf Economist, Volume 27, Issue 18, Pages 138-177

The strategic location of Basrah has put it in the front position of Iraqi industry. it is bordered by three countries, Iran from the East, Kuwait from the South and Saudi Arabia from the West. Also, it lies on the only marine passage to Iraq represented in Arab Gulf. In addition to the financial, physical and human resources that the governorate Owens. In Basrah there is a number of small, medial and large industrial projects, but the last two decades wars have waken the infrastructure of the governorate, especially after 9/4/2003.
the study hypothesized that: the industrial sector shortage to satisfy the increasing demand of goods in Basrah can not be due to the volume of productive capacities and available capabilities only, but to government support limitation to this sector in general, and to Basrah in particular.

Analysis of Indicators of sustained Development in Iraq

Dr. Nadw Hilal

Gulf Economist, Volume 27, Issue 18, Pages 178-206

The United Nations Programmers for Development (UNPD) Shows in its report of 1994 that sustained development aims at developing people , creating jobs and taking care of nature. In addition , it tries to eliminate poverty , look after workers and re-generate nature-In other words ,it aims at making balance between the number of people and varied abilities communities have . This concept is achieved through three values; environment , economy and equity .
Iraq witnessed wide development since 1990 till the change of 2003 . After this date , Iraq has suffered from many problems that negatively effect its economic environment .This research tries to apply sustained development measures to Iraq . through explaining its indicators , and finding new commitments to save Iraqi economy resources .