ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Inflation

Inflation Determinations in the Perspective of the Dialectics of Economic Thought : A Study of the Inflation Context in the Iraqi Economy and its Determining factors for (2003-2013)

Hussein Jawad Kadhim

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 30, Pages 146-180

The study and analysis the phenomena of general price level rising is considered one of the most important topics that dominate on the largest part of economies studies ,due to its obvious effect on economic stability, and then the social and political one. These studies vary about the determination that push prices up, Some of these determinations belong to factors relate to demand side ,and the other to cost side. As far as Iraq the economic and political factors after 2003 have left its obvious effects on fluctuation of price index then push the inflation up. The results of consumer price index in Iraq appeared that the inflationary phenomena across study period have resulted from combined several factors relate with demand and supply, and action taken to control of inflation have been confined on monetary policy actions in the side of ‎Pegging of the exchange rate through the mechanism of currency auction.