ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Islamic

Reflections intellectual products Islamic Financial Engineering

Ikhlas Baqir Hashim Al-Najjar

Gulf Economist, Volume 33, Issue 32, Pages 83-118

Longer term financial engineering of the modern concepts that have entered the world of finance and investment, which means the design, development and implementation of each of the financial instruments and processes and innovative processes, in addition to the formulation of innovative solutions to the problems of funding, and its definition is clear they can be used in risk management, and perhaps take advantage of Islamic banks is a necessity urgent even greater than their conventional counterparts, and if the financial engineering used to find solutions to the problems of funding or make more money or risk management solutions, and talk about the Islamic financial Engineering and the expansion of activity and interaction within the local and global economy, leads us to talk about the episode of interrelated elements; first is the availability of Islamic financial products, respond to economic and religious requirements at the same time, followed by the presence of Islamic financial institutions issued and authorizes issuance to reach the Islamic financial market deepens relied upon and consolidates its presence, and to the Islamic financial architecture to be competitive with conventional they need today to a diversified portfolio of financial instruments and products flexible and sufficient to meet the various requirements imposed by the local and global economic variables.