ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Oil shale

The Role of Non-Conventional Hydrocarbons in the International Oil and Gas Market and its Impact on the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf Countries

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yahya Humood Hassan Albu-Ali

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 27, Pages 1-47

The importance of the research comes from identifying the types of non-conventional resources in the field of oil and gas and the encouraging factors for its development, clarifying the factors and difficulties that limit its future expansion , explaining the impact of non-conventional hydrocarbon resources on the GCC. The research hypothesis " the development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources lead to an important future effects in its countries represented in increasing competition of oil and gas supplies worldwide and the loss of its markets, especially that most of the unusual reserves
located outside the GCC countries and probability of falling international prices, the researcher reached to set of conclusions. The most important unconventional hydrocarbon resources affect the GCC countries because it owns huge reserves of conventional oil and gas, the most prominent of these challenges combination of factors ,increasing competitive global oil and gas supplies and the loss of its markets because it may contribute to meet global energy demand and retreat possibilities for gas exporters organization similar to OPEC in the future ,as well as price decline in the international market.