ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Basheer H. Ouda, Dr.

The Industrial Sector in Basrah Governorate A survey Of the Small Industrial Projects for the Year 2007

Dr. Basheer H. Ouda

Gulf Economist, Volume 27, Issue 18, Pages 138-177

The strategic location of Basrah has put it in the front position of Iraqi industry. it is bordered by three countries, Iran from the East, Kuwait from the South and Saudi Arabia from the West. Also, it lies on the only marine passage to Iraq represented in Arab Gulf. In addition to the financial, physical and human resources that the governorate Owens. In Basrah there is a number of small, medial and large industrial projects, but the last two decades wars have waken the infrastructure of the governorate, especially after 9/4/2003.
the study hypothesized that: the industrial sector shortage to satisfy the increasing demand of goods in Basrah can not be due to the volume of productive capacities and available capabilities only, but to government support limitation to this sector in general, and to Basrah in particular.