ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Lecturer,

Small and medium enterprises In Iraq , Its Importance Constraints , and The requirements of Its development

Amjed Sabah Abdul Aali; Lecturer

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 21, Pages 216-257

Unanimously studies on small and medium enterprises on the importance of these projects in the economic development being the main driver of their increase in GDP and improve the balance of payments, small and medium-scale enterprises can jump to economic growth even in the poorest countries. Due importance to it is able to provide jobs and increase the added value, as it contributes to these projects by 55% of the added value achieved by the developed economies, and the composition of relations overlap between economic sectors and encourage a spirit of innovation and creativity, invention and exploitation of local resources and expand markets and develop human resources and technological and enhance competitiveness. But those projects faced many obstacles in Iraq, which led to their ability to meet the needs of local markets of different goods and thus gave a reason for traders to carry out import of manufactured goods which reflected negatively on the reality of the industrial sector and led to reduced activity of these projects and their development