ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Moosa Omran, Khulood

A genetic algorithm for measuring the teaching services efficiency Of a scientific department in Basrah

Khulood Moosa Omran; Lecturer

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 96-130

In this research a system has been designed depending on the optimization intelligence programming problems using the integer genetic algorithm in order to measure the collage efficiency in performing the teaching services. A genetic module has been designed for measuring the college efficiency following two styles: the first one is the integer genetic algorithm for solving direct integer constrained linear optimization, and transformation style through transforming the problem from a complex formula into a simple one indirectly and hence through the latter, a zigzag crossover method has been used in the crossover process. Also the mutation function was used. It was obvious that the second method is more efficient than the first method by comparing the results of both