ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Sabah Abul Ali, Amjed

The Importance of E-Commerce and Constraints in12T The Gulf Cooperation 12TCouncil12T 12T(12TGCC) Economies

haitham Abdullah Salman; Amjed Sabah Abul Ali

Gulf Economist, Volume 30, Issue 24, Pages 123-169

The possession of the GCC to 16Tdeveloped 16Tinfrastructure which
means that e-readiness may become available and there is a great
opportunity for capital investment and development in the new digital
world economy, e-readiness has become a standard to describe the
ability of the country to participate in the activities of 26Te-commerce 12T26Tat12T26T
12T26Tvarious12T26T 12T26Tlevels12T26T 12T26Tand patterns,12T26T 12T26Tcomponents 12Tanalysis will show clearly the
nature of the appropriate information infrastructure to the
requirements of e-commerce , the excellent level of e-readiness which
Arab Emirates uniquely characterized with 12Tamong 12TGCC Means that
there is 12Tcomplete12T 12Treadiness to suitable 12Teconomic environment for
electronic commerce .The good level which is characterized by
Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait Is an indication that there is a need to
moderate improvements,26T 16T26Tthe average level of both Saudi Arabia and
Oman indicate that there is 12T16Tan urgent need for12T16T 12T16Tsubstantial
improvements12T16T 12T16Tto upgrade12T16T 12T16Tthe12T16T 12T16Tcomponents12T16T 12T16Tof12T16T 12T16Tinformation12T16T 12T16Tand12T16T
12T16Tcommunication, to reach to suitable digital environment for 12Tecommerce