ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Abudl- Khareem Ali, Azeem

The Use Nets of Artificial Neural Networks to Predict of Macroeconomic Multidimensional model in Iraq 1996 to 2007”

Assist . Prof. Dr. Fouzai Khalib Omer; Azeem Abudl- Khareem Ali; Prof . Dr. Abudl

Gulf Economist, Volume 30, Issue 24, Pages 1-38

The research presented a new mechanism in determining the relations
quantity among the economic variables, which show their behavior for the
individuals. It is meant the analysis or analyzing the estimateous as a
It is clear that any model or any function or data could express about in
the shape of time series, that used in describing the subjects of estimation
through the weights of all past series or other variables.
The regression method has been used to estimate the shape variables
besides, it is used the tests which used to know if the regression can
explain the behavior of the independent variables.
In the shadow of environment of the program which compound the
Neurons cells Net the problem of study determined. Also it is tried to
compound suitable Neurons Nets and Kha warzaimian automatic algorithm
in order to teach and train the Net to reduce the deviations by controlling
the values of weights.