ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Nada Abdulqader Abdulsatar, Dr.

The Use of Futures Contracts for Hedging Purposes - Empirical Study in Investment Companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange

Dr. Nada Abdulqader Abdulsatar

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 27, Pages 132-164

The research aims to clarify the theoretical concepts of futures and how to use them for hedging purposes, research was conducted on a sample of investment companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange and was of (6) companies, has launched search of a problem that the side theoretical to the subject of futures contracts is characterized by clarity, either Applied hand, it is vague in light of volatile market environment characterized by weak efficiency and this in turn is a problem worthy of study.
The researcher used measures of financial instruments for this purpose, the study came up with a number of conclusions most important (possible use futures as hedging instruments to protect against changes that can occur on interest rates in financial markets, so the companies covered by the research endeavor towards the adoption of hedge of variables strategy interest on loans) rates, and important recommendations were them (companies need to adopt methods such as check-statistical prediction value, sports and operations research, and can adopt her own computer programs, for the purpose of adopting hedge) strategy.