ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Wameedh A. Khdair, Dr.

Spirituality in Workplace as a Moderating Variable for Relationship Between self-esteem and Organization loyalty on Organization Citizen - Ship Behavior (filed study of employees in the Iraqi drilling company

Dr. Wameedh A. Khdair

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 27, Pages 67-113

Existing literature in management the reveals a gap in the empirical knowledge on organizational citizenship behavior in organizations. This study specifically aims to firstly, Study of the relationship between self-esteem and organizational citizenship behavior; secondly, determine the relationship between organizational loyalty and organizational citizenship behavior; and thirdly, test the role of the moderating variable spirituality in the workplace for the relationship between self-esteem and organizational loyalty, on organizational citizenship behavior. Depending on the random sample were distributed (200) questionnaires for workers in the Iraqi oil drilling company, the number of questionnaires recovered (158) questionnaire, which (103) questionnaires valid for statistical analysis and response rate 65 %, It was analyzed by advanced statistical program AMOS.v.22 and statistical program SPSS.v.22.Theoretical results showed the existence of a knowledge gap to explain the nature of the relationship between variables (self-esteem, organizational loyalty, spirituality in the workplace, and organizational citizenship behavior) in organizations in general and in Iraqi oil drilling company. Practical results also showed a direct effect relations between the (self-esteem and organizational loyalty on organizational citizenship behavior) as well as the interactive role of the variable (spirituality in the workplace).