ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Khazaal Nashour, Elham

Evaluation of Labor Market Performance Economic Indicators in Iraq

Elham Khazaal Nashour

Gulf Economist, Volume 33, Issue 33, Pages 132-169

The subject of labor market is one of the important topics that have received great attention in analysis and economic studies due to its importance for the individual and community as it focuses on the working manpower considering it as a basic production factor.
This importance is not limited at the local level, only but extends to the international level to take a broader level associated with the concept of economic development. One example of its significance is the ensuring work for each person who wants it .considering work as a natural right of every citizen and a condition of preserving dignity . but under current Iraqi economy circumstances and what its suffering from distortions and structural imbalances ,such as downturn, economic sectors, particularly agricultural and industrial sector, so as a result of circumstances of war and embargo that Iraq witnessed, this situation has led to end of a number of agriculture and industrial projects, and deterioration of infrastructure needed for these sectors, which weakened of the ability of labor market to find a new jobs: constrained from the demand for labor .With the increasing in population size , the supply of work force recently entering labor market has increased, which means, the labor supply is growing at a even higher rate than labor demand. this imbalances between supply and demand labor caused of growing the phenomenon of unemployment, which from one of the most important problems facing labor market in Iraq.