ISSN: 1817-5880

Volume 32, Issue 30

Volume 32, Issue 30, Autumn 2016, Page 0-193

Approach Analysis of (VAR) and (VEC) for Panel Data with Case Study: National Accounts of the GCC (1970-2012)

Zahra Hasan al Tameemi; Khadeeja Adnan Hameed

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 30, Pages 1-30

The research aims to represent analytical approach using vector autocorrelation of the panel data and apply it to an appropriate model to demonstrate the relationship between gross domestic product (GDP) and the macroeconomic variables ( total consumption (CON), investment spending (INV)- exports (EX) - import (IM) ) of selected Arab countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain & Emirates) , to test the existence of long run Cointegration relation among these series . In this research the stability of variables has been studies using the unit root tests for panel data (panel unit root) were traditional methods is adopted regardless of the interdependence between the units cross sections (countries). Also used IPS test which is studying the interrelationship between the various units (cross-section dependency). These tests have reached a lack of stability of each of (GDP, CONS, FC, EX, IM) at level ,but integrated of order one, and then co-integration test is used, the adoption of residuals-based style showed only one Cointegration relation exist . Then error correction model were estimated by using Fully Modified Least Squares (FMOLS) proposed by (Pedroni) .The static analysis is used as well after applying (Hausman test) to test the random effect and to determine whether the appropriate model is the Random Effect model or Fixed Effect Model .Finally the short term and long term elasticities have been studied statistically and dynamically.

Perceived Organization Support as Mediate Variable Between High Involvement Management and Organization Commitment : an Exploratory Study of the Views a Number from Employees in South Oil Company

Taher .M. Mansoor; Mahmood Shakir Ashour

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 30, Pages 31-77

The research aims at exploring the mediating role of the perceived organizational support between high involvement management and organizational commitment , the deductive approach has been pursued in this study as a research method while the strategy that is adopted here represented in an analytical survey , the sample population included those who work for south oil company divisions which are fifteen ones (operation division , transportation division ,oilfield division, drilling and rehabilitation division, Thi-Qar oilfields division, engineering division, planning and following division, project division, commercial division, materials division, administrative division, water division, West Qurna 1 and Zubeir field operation division) which was about 453 employees , the researcher based on a number of tools to gather information and data that support the topic of the current study among them the field coexistence and face to face interviews as well as the survey form.

The Role of the Transport of Oil Pollution of the Environment in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Companies: (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait a model)

Salem Mubarak Bin Gadeem; Libya Abood Ba- Hweirth

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 30, Pages 78-111

The transfer process from the main stages of the oil industry, and oil transportation haunted negative effects on the environment The Gulf states affected by the process when the transport of oil as a result of its heavy reliance him, which requires them to confront the damage with the latest tools. Turning research into several axes of the first to identify the conceptual framework of the economics of oil transportation and environmental impacts, and economic feasibility for the transfer of oil tankers and pipelines. The second axis Vttrq to the most important measures taken by the oil transport companies to protect the environment from pollution, as discussed in the third axis to the reality of oil transport in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the pricing and shipment exported by Maani, And eat fourth axis An Empirical Study of the role of the Kuwaiti oil companies and Saudi Arabia in the preservation of the environment from pollution; research found that increasing quantities transported directly proportional to the increase in production, which in turn achieves economic feasibility of investment in the field of transport; ; And that the importance of the Gulf region economically emerged through increasing the number of tankers and commercial traffic and demand for Gulf oil; and the impact of oil pollution is not only environmentally but also economically; negative Valtotar to transport oil to the Gulf environment that does not mean the abandonment of oil but confronting damaging all the modern means; And recommends research into the need for attention to economic and environmental plans for the Gulf States, so be on the oil companies operating and the countries that fall within the terms of trade in the field of oil transportation commitment legislation and laws that limit the major environmental impacts; the need for energy for transport set for the tanker and the economies of scale commitment, and determine the water balance levels and periodic follow-up of the pipeline to avoid leaks and spills and to ensure the continuity of the development of the oil industry.

The Role of the Iraqi Ports in the Economic Activity Case Study: The Port of Faw

Nabeel Jafar Abdlridha; Hussein Mohammed Haider Al - Jazaeri

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 30, Pages 112-145

The Iraqi seaports are the main gate which the country overlooks to other countries of the world. It’s a direct port for foreign trade and international markets as well. These seaports imply many consequences which including all Iraqi economic sectors that contribute directly and indirectly on the current and future economic features. This research, however, aims to investigate the role of Iraqi seaports in activating the economic activities. And as a case study, the research will be focused on the Grand Seaport of Faw in order to reveal the most important potential economic effects resulted from operating the port studied.

Inflation Determinations in the Perspective of the Dialectics of Economic Thought : A Study of the Inflation Context in the Iraqi Economy and its Determining factors for (2003-2013)

Hussein Jawad Kadhim

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 30, Pages 146-180

The study and analysis the phenomena of general price level rising is considered one of the most important topics that dominate on the largest part of economies studies ,due to its obvious effect on economic stability, and then the social and political one. These studies vary about the determination that push prices up, Some of these determinations belong to factors relate to demand side ,and the other to cost side. As far as Iraq the economic and political factors after 2003 have left its obvious effects on fluctuation of price index then push the inflation up. The results of consumer price index in Iraq appeared that the inflationary phenomena across study period have resulted from combined several factors relate with demand and supply, and action taken to control of inflation have been confined on monetary policy actions in the side of ‎Pegging of the exchange rate through the mechanism of currency auction.