ISSN: 1817-5880

Volume 32, Issue 28

Volume 32, Issue 28, Spring 2016, Page 1-174

The Role of Agile Manufacturing system in the promotion of sustainable environmental and social performance A field study in Fayhaa Building Precast Company

Taher .M. Mansoor Algalbi; Abdulrada Nasser Mansoor

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 28, Pages 1-43

Purpose: To detect the role of lean production system in the promotion and sustainability of environmental and social performance.
Design / methodology / Portal: The study used multiple platforms including the descriptive and analytical for the purpose of ascertaining the existence of a relationship between the variables of the study was to prepare a checklist to extract quantitative results for a period of time-running five years, as well as a questionnaire study to test hypotheses, and the questionnaire was designed based on previous studies, It was analyzed using statistical software (spss.v22), and community study in Fayhaa construction company ready.
Results: The results showed the presence of a support and attribution of slim production in contributing to the sustainability of both environmental and social performance variables.
Determinants of the study: the nature of the variables of the study need to be more detailed data and more time for the purpose of measuring the sustainable environmental and social performance.

Analysis of Financial Crisis Phenomenon and The Ways of How to Avoid It

Yousif Ali abed Al; Asadi; Hussein Jawad Kadhum

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 28, Pages 44-77

The financial crises that happened now in the world are not the result of a given moment as well is not new in its causes or results or treatment ways .the strengthens of these crises have been decreased through fourth past decades, especially after appearing of the economic coalitions and the sovereignty of economic freedom in the field of communication and transportations.
These developments led to liberate and expand the movement of global capitals, and abolition the restrictions of foreign currency exchanges and finding the financial derivatives. Besides, money and debts become, in such environment, as a good which can be sold and bought and the financial economy start to be invading step by step the real economy. As it is known in the economy that there would be necessary conditions to attain a stable macroeconomic environment which is the availability of unstable financial sector that lead to an unstable macroeconomic. The talking about facing financial crises based on the actions taken before the occurrence of crisis, considering that the crisis treatment after it occurred deferent according to the type, origin, appearance and the tools available to deal with it. The main steps that should be taking in account to face the crisis includes: risk management strategy, using financial markets efficiency indicators, the use of leading financial indicators and early warning systems.

Techniques Function of Electronic Management with the system of "Management by Objectives "

Fridja Mouhammed Hicham

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 28, Pages 78-105

We must mention the major role of electronic Management in the right administration of time, effort and cost.
These qualities did not prevent the agent far from the routine and stress, to answer on the society's requirements. So it is essential to create an adjustment principles and improvement mechanisms of "", requiring the integration of the method "Management by Objectives."

Efficiency of Electronic Banking in GCC Countries

Yahya Humood Hassan Albu-Ali

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 28, Pages 106-142

This research is based on a hypothesis which assumes that “the striving of GCC countries for developing wide e-banking services comes from its positive impact on the GCC’ banking sector”. The research problem : Technology has become one of the biggest strategic issues in the field of banking, as banks focus increasingly on its activities in the field of electronic banking operations and is expanding its banking activities globally through the internet that transcend geographical boundaries. The degree of competition , which greatly increases , and this requires from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to take measures for the development of the banking apparatus and the introduction of the latest technical developments. The importance of research : the importance of research of the role played by banks in the revitalization of the Gulf economy by collecting savings and provide funds for the purpose of investing and doing many other banking operations, which are necessary to stimulate the economy , and what was the electronic banking to activate the whole banking sector, it is necessary to clarify the importance and impact and how to benefit from them safely and fast . Finally, the study has recommended that the electronic banking services must be associated with a number of procedures, the most important, protection of customer information from all not permitted uses such as change of information, omitting, access to information and violation of confidentiality. Moreover, protection fromdissemination incorrect information, block services or theft devices, and storage media.

Career values and its role in determining the type of leadership for managers (A filed comparative study on the banking sector in the city of Amarah)

Fadhil Abbas Hassan; Jasim Raheem Adhori

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 28, Pages 143-174

The research aimed to shed light the values of job work and its role in determining the type of leadership among managers, it is achieved on a sample of managers in the banking sector in the city of Amarah, it has been based on a basic hypothesis (correlation values of job work significantly in determining the type of leadership common to the managers).
The two researchers used the descriptive method in the theoretical part, and the statistical analysis in practical, and for this purpose testified questionnaire was developed.
The research point out many conclusions, the most important of which the type of leadership that prevails in the governmental sector is a type-oriented task (work- structure) because of high trend towards control and self-esteem and this stems from the nature of the work of the governmental banking, and the type of leadership that prevails in the private banking sector is the pattern of leadership orientation is clearly a risk and a good response to environmental variables.