ISSN: 1817-5880

Volume 29, Issue 22

Volume 29, Issue 22, Spring 2012, Page 1-204

An analytic study for the Patient dormancy period in Al Sadeer Teaching and Basrah General Hospital.

ani AHhmed Alhakim; Dr. Ma

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 12-24

Medical sector suffered from many problems which high lights the Status of the medical and health services. Those services have direct or Indirect effect on the dormancy period in Hospital .A lots of officers in Medical field refer the decline reasons to the negligence, decreasing of the
Financial allowances and the cases of corruption.
This research aimed to analyze some of the factors that affecting The patient dormancy period in Hospital and test whether there would be Significance differences among the dormancy periods in Hospitals as Mentioned in the two Hypotheses of the researches that said:
1 - There would be some effects for some factors on the dormancy period in the two Hospitals.
2 – There significance differences among the dormancy period in the both Hospitals.
Besides the practical side, that collecting data by distribution Questioner which contains about (20) questions and (100) patients, fifty Patients from both sexes in Basra Govern ate.
Finally the researcher concluded some results; the most important Of them is the age that is the most affective factor on the dormancy Periods in the two Hospitals. Besides there would be significant differences Among the dormancy periods in both sexes.

Analysis of trade activities and its Distribution in Basra city field study

Ahmed Saddam Abdul Sahib; Lecturer

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 25-40

This study takles the internal commercial movement in Basrah city. The first section reviews commercial activities types, and the number of traders depending on a selected sample consist of (500) statistical form. The study found that food, and house equipments occupy the highest relative significance .This can be due to commercial openness that Iraqi economy is witnessing in general after the end of economic embargo. Iraqi market witnesses a big increase in food imports, and commercial openness to foreign markets, accompanied by a raise in individual income of public sector employers.
The study also sheds light on the geographic distribution of traders. It is found that traders are concentrated in Alashar area due to its considered position, as Alashar area is considered the main commercial centre for the majority of Basrah population .The study ends with conclusions, and some recommendations .

The Role of Re engineering of the managerial process to improve the performance "An applied study in south oil company

Lecturer . Zeineb Shelal

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 41-69

The research aimed to reveal the role that Business process Reengineering (BPR) to improve the total performance in certain department of south oil company. The study conducted in one of the company's managerial department .The study followed the descriptive analyses method in its theoretical and practical sides by using the questionnaire. The study reached out to many results such as:
- The technical of information is the first demand that can be tackled by establishing specialized and high sophisticated department in order to perform intensive training courses for the employees.
Also The Company seeks hardly to exclude the individualism for the team work and encourage the collaboration among the team works. Indictor to delegate more authorities as well as establishing clear and accurate standards regarding the distinction of the employees and persuade the top management about the figuration of Reengineering of the Business process in south oil company .

Free Zone Reality in Khor ALZubair A field Study

Ali Talib Shihab; Assist Lecturer

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 70-95

This research aims to highlights the importance of free zones for the host countries especially the importance of Khor – Alzubair free zone which is one of the most important free zones for Iraqi economy under the auspices of economic openness after 2003 This research will review the beginning and the most important components of success for free zones to reach for it is effectiveness in Iraqi economy , also the researcher reach to some conclusions and recommendations more significant is non – ability of Khor – Alzubair free zone to achieve it is objectives and it will stay isolate from the economic activities in Iraqi beside of the weakness of activities of this free zone and the only activity in the commercial activity

A genetic algorithm for measuring the teaching services efficiency Of a scientific department in Basrah

Khulood Moosa Omran; Lecturer

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 96-130

In this research a system has been designed depending on the optimization intelligence programming problems using the integer genetic algorithm in order to measure the collage efficiency in performing the teaching services. A genetic module has been designed for measuring the college efficiency following two styles: the first one is the integer genetic algorithm for solving direct integer constrained linear optimization, and transformation style through transforming the problem from a complex formula into a simple one indirectly and hence through the latter, a zigzag crossover method has been used in the crossover process. Also the mutation function was used. It was obvious that the second method is more efficient than the first method by comparing the results of both

Impact of Sport Town in developing the economy of basrah

Basima kzar hasan

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 131-167

Sport is also a basic economic activity that directly contributes to economic prosperity of countries .It is -simply- not just a kind of entertainment but also contributes very actively to our economy ,society and environment.
Because of this importance of sport, Basrah has paid much attention to sport planning and is developing the first perfect sport town in Iraq. Is this project useful for the interests of the city or is it a serious challenge and may result into uncalculated consequences? Al research studies the realities concerning the project of sport town in Basrah.It also predicts the future and the most important economic challenges that may result of such a project and how things will be in 2015 .Finally ,the study provides some conclusions and recommendations.

The Relation of Budget Preparation and Implementation Style on the public money in the province

Assist Lecturer; Husam Ahmad Ali Al-hashmi

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 168-202

Expanded this study to prove the waste of public money by, proving that the units of government are to spend the amounts allocated to them without any planning for the management of public funds during the year, and that poor planning and management of public funds was because of that spending was for the purpose of spending only and not for the purpose of achieving the planned objectives, as associated with the expenditure of sums allocated to the units in question during a certain period with the amounts allocated to it in the state budget for the coming period. This study in part, the theoretical concept of the general budget and the most important components, as well as to address the methods of preparing the budget, as classified by the researcher to the two methods are the traditional method, which represents the manner of items in the preparation of the budget has addressed the researcher to the shortcomings and disadvantages suffered by this technique, and modern methods of preparing the budget and the most common application programs and a counterbalance performance and zero budget. The field study, the researcher as to the process of preparing the budget in Iraq, and then analyze the data contained in the balance of audit of government departments with a central funding decentralized on the basis of the time period of years (2008, 2009.2010)the adoption of the percentages for the maintenance of the monthly First, based on the type of funding which they are subject of these departments Secondly, for the purpose of proving the hypothesis of the study. And had reached the study to a set of conclusions and recommendations

Use path analysis method to measure the impact of some factors on the disease of cancer in the governorate of Basrah

Ali Nasir Husain; Assist Lecturer

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 1-21

Path analysis and multiple regression analysis were used for studying the effect of some factors on patients having tumors in the governorate of Basrah. Sample o f recorded patients in the Center of Tumors in governorate of Basrah for the period from 2007 to 2009 was taken and it was classified into three groups according to the patient's state and best model was determined by using Multiple Regression Analysis method according to the method of Stepwise. After this, path analysis method was applied for studying the relationship in this model