ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Performance of the University Enterprise

Environmental Sustainability Strategy and its Role in Ensuring the Continuous Improvement Of The Performance Of the University Enterprise Survey : study at sample of the universities and colleges of teaching staff in the Basrah Governorate

Abdulridha Naser Mohsin

Gulf Economist, Volume 33, Issue 34, Pages 20-42

The aim of the research is to ensure continuity of continuous improvement of the performance of the university institution through the use of the environmental sustainability strategy towards continuous review of the performance of the university institution. To achieve this goal, a questionnaire was prepared by a group of specialized professors, A study of a sample of government and private colleges in Basrah Governorate. The research was based on the integration of the deductive and inductive methods. The analysis and the accepted structure used the logical evidence in the theoretical side of the research. The quantitative analysis on the field side, Vision through the methods of descriptive statistics and some of the causal methods of statistics relating to the requirements of field study analysis, research reached an important set of conclusions and recommendations, and the most important university institutions lack a clear vision for the application of environmental sustainability strategy path.