ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Learning Resources

Evaluation of the performance and Quality of Learning Resources at the College of Tourism Sciences of Al- Mustansiriyah University –an Empirical Study

Muntaha Ahmed Muhammed

Gulf Economist, Volume 33, Issue 32, Pages 119-146

Quality System is considered one of the features of modern era, because it is related to productivity, and its improvement and it is described as a wide broaden inclusion. (Quality Asurance) is all those activities that are planned and systematically carried out in the framework of the quality. Also it provides confidence that the product and service will meet the quality requirements. Moreover, because of the futility of some of the systems and the prevailing management techniques in achieving the demand quality of developing skills of managements of the future leaders and for increasing employment and reducing wastes: the theme of quality takes a main trend and contemporary subject of many countries and in all sides of life, in general, and in education side, in particular, in the field of performance, evaluation and development, and improvement. And because of the importance of the subject, the researcher has taken the title for this research (Evaluation of the performance and Quality of Learning Resources at the College of Tourism Sciences of Al-Mustansiriyah University–an Empirical Study). To enlarge this subject from the evaluation of all standards of quality in higher education, but the researcher has choosen one standard of quality standards, i.e. education resources. The research subject contains two sections: Section one includes theoretical concepts of the quality theme and its management and standards, second section includes analysis study to the extent of application of quality standards of the educations resources in the College of Tourism Sciences. Then, proposed the conclusions and recommendations. one drawn, The most important conclusions refer that there is a kind of good performance related for the organization, planning and evaluation, and support for users, but there is a Kind of average performance related to resources and facilities.