ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Banks thinking

The role of research and studies centers in economic decision-making

Basima kzar hasan

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 29, Pages 136-187

Undoubtedly that the research and studies centers in the developed world, now occupies an important place, especially in the field of economic decision-making, The countries, community institutions and bodies have been taken depending on them to provide studies, reports, and consulting services in many of the economic issues, social political, security, military, cultural.
It could be say that, there is close relationship between research and studies centers and development process. Whenever the research and studies centers have been developed. This development will have a significant impact on raising the level of the economy and that the neglect of this vital activity leads to the deterioration of the economy and failing.
This study aims to identify the nature and level of the role played by Arab Research and Studies centers to influence decision-making in the economic and political aspects, and security all approach this role is the role played by research centers in developed countries .villa for the current reality of the centers of the Arab Research analysis of the nature and magnitude of the challenges faced and limit their ability to perform their role in the required manner .dually our Arab need to be aware that the centers have to responsibly and efficiently in support of decision-makers the tools they need to address the current and potential. As the challenges have to research centers to regain its role in which it established for him as an effective tool for the production of strategic projects
Hence the search is divided into three main sections first discuss the concept and importance, and the second deals with the economic role, and the third is talking about a set of recommendations contribute to deepen the debate on the important role played by research and studies centers, and enrich their role in making economic decision at the level of the Arab countries, which testifies constant changes in the political process since the so called Arab spring.