ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Structural adjustment

The Reform Policies and its Impact on Iraqi Economy

Suhad Ahmad Rashid

Gulf Economist, Volume 33, Issue 31, Pages 52-88

The economic recession which has been seen in the end of seventies, led to use the economic reform programmers, especially at the beginning of eighties.
The economic reform is very important to the economies which safer from the recession. The programmers have been used by international Bank, when there is a need to borrow on canceled the debts.
In the shadow of expanding the debts for Iraq which recorded for about(125) billion dollars in 2007,dueto the wars.
There for, Iraq made its best to negotiate with countries to omit its debts in which called (praise club). These counties were asked to carry out economic reform. This has been done by using some economic reform policies. So, this aspects and showing The policies which Iraq has used, especially in making stability in the prices of goods and increasing the rate of economic growth.
In conclusion ,we found that economic reform policies in economic, social, politic and modern processes. It is continuous process and needs to renew all its variables, in order to make new thoughts and values .That is ,to increase the rate of economic growth and raise the living standards of people.