ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Economic Diversification

The Iraqi economy in light of the rent dominance and the requirements of economic diversification for the period (2003-2015)

Musab Abdel - Thamer Hussein; Salem Abdel-Hassan Risan

Gulf Economist, Volume 33, Issue 34, Pages 117-181

The past decades of the Iraqi economy have proved that the dominance of the oil sector has not been reflected in positive results and no structural changes have taken place in its structure. The increasing reliance on this resource has made the Iraqi economy constantly subject to price fluctuations in world oil markets, which has reflected directly on Economic performance retraction and the exacerbation of the structural imbalances that create a state of economic instability. In fact, the dominance of this oil resource with this degree represents a defect in economic system administration ,therefore it is important to adopt an effective economic policies and strategies to diversify the sources of income and reform the structure of the economic sectors and change their infrastructure.

The Role of the Iraqi Ports in the Economic Activity Case Study: The Port of Faw

Nabeel Jafar Abdlridha; Hussein Mohammed Haider Al - Jazaeri

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 30, Pages 112-145

The Iraqi seaports are the main gate which the country overlooks to other countries of the world. It’s a direct port for foreign trade and international markets as well. These seaports imply many consequences which including all Iraqi economic sectors that contribute directly and indirectly on the current and future economic features. This research, however, aims to investigate the role of Iraqi seaports in activating the economic activities. And as a case study, the research will be focused on the Grand Seaport of Faw in order to reveal the most important potential economic effects resulted from operating the port studied.