ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : Environmental violation

An Economic Analysis of the Oil Environmental Pollution, with Special Reference to Basra Governorate

Man Abood Ali

Gulf Economist, Volume 31, Issue 25, Pages 179-213

This papers aims to shed light on the environmental pollution phenomenon in general and oil – environmental pollution in Basra governorate in particular. Over the last years, the pollution witnessed many forms which its damages are dramatically affected the components of natural elements represented by air, oil and water pollution. However, this effect is expanded to all aspects of human life.
The paper has demonstrated the economic cost of environmental pollution such as expenses, and financial commitments which direct toward various activities for mitigating the level of environmental pollutants, especially oil.
Furthermore, this paper tackles oil pollution represented by environmental violations; where after 2003, and in order to increase level of oil production, oil companies are significantly contribute by different ways on this respect.
Finally, the paper has discussed ways which could be taken for reducing level of pollution.