ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : High returns

Model of highest rate than average:analytical study for the Iraq insurance sector

Mohammed Hussian Manhal

Gulf Economist, Volume 31, Issue 25, Pages 104-159

The present study aims to discuss and analyze a specimen higher returns than the average for the insurance companies of the Iraqi special contribution covered by research in order to choose the optimal investment portfolio that will ensure access to higher yields (high-yielding) with a minimum of risk, since this includes the search results returns and its risks and performance analysis investment portfolios posed, in order to reach to the results of wrong against which to determine the investment portfolio ideal for this sector, and in order to achieve this, the study relied on a number of research approaches sober, represented in the basis of the curriculum historic cemented concepts that have been addressed and establish it, and lies the importance of the study through the adoption of a specimen higher returns than average and is owned by an influential role in achieving high levels of returns at acceptable levels of risk. contributes to the selection of the portfolio optimal range, and launched search of a major premise that there is the possibility not to adopt a specimen higher returns than average in achieving high levels returns acceptable risk levels, have reached your search results was that the most important investment portfolio analysis in the area covered by research, that the insurance sector has achieved a negative indicators to market signals (RVAR Sharp) and index (RVAR TRynor).