ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : The policy of spending

Study and Analysis of the Relationship Between public Expenditure and GDP and Its share in Achieving Economic Development in Iraq For Period (1975-2014)

Mohammed Hasan Auda

Gulf Economist, Volume 33, Issue 31, Pages 119-162

Public expenditure has occupied a special importance in the financial studies , in that it is a way to satisfy the public needs and then they are considered as the administration which government depends on it in achieving its aspirations of progress and development in all fields of life. Therefore, the expenditure policy clearly reflects the aimed targets of the state, which seeks to promote the national economy to accelerate development and achieve stability and improved living standards for all citizens.
In other words, recent changes in the concept of public expenditure did not make it just only cash allocation but a tool used to achieve economic, social and political balance to investigate and raise the level of welfare of all members of society, that why economic literatures especially macroeconomic models have indicated to the existence of a relationship between public spending and domestic total output. This relationship has attracted the attention of a lot of economists and researchers.