ISSN: 1817-5880

Keywords : High commissioner for Human Rights

The Nature of compatibility between Development and Human Rights from Socialism Indicators … In Iraq as model

Nabeel Jafar Abdlridha

Gulf Economist, Volume 31, Issue 26, Pages 100-140

Demonstration convergence between development and human rights emerges due to their roles for better life through securing all its requirements. The indicators which represent this, is that, the social indicators such as health, education and adequate housing. However, availability of health services implies mitigation of hazards ratio which could be faced by human via diseases. Hence, it will lead to life expectancy and improves in its ability. While the education services, it also will influence positively by improving the cognitive level and then expanding job opportunities. In respect of adequate housing, as an ideal place for all family, social, cultural and religious activities, where it is a unique place that protect human from others, or from violation of weather. Accordingly, availability of all said three services, health, education and housing consider main targets which ought to be achieved by the development. It is, therefore, an essential right of human being and not be waived.
In Iraq, and based on the mentioned indicators, it was noted that a shortage in the level of health services, this case requested an expanded strategy to be adopted for reinforcement level of health system and its infrastructure, as well as, renewing medical equipment and supplies, and rebuild health system alongside to improving efficiency of medical workforces in the areas of prevention and treatment diseases. Furthermore, evolution medical academic research institutions and centers in accordance to the international level.
In respect of education, this sector faced various problems, and in order to solve it, mandatory education and literacy should be practiced and increased number of school buildings, employees and improving level of salaries and wages. As well as, reconsidering level of curriculum based on the international trend.