ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Wahab Mohammed, Abdul

The Future of Gulf Oil

Abdul Wahab Mohammed; D.Hassan Latif

Gulf Economist, Volume 25, Issue 15, Pages 98-129

The study explores the future of gulf oil. Despite the existence of a number of scenarios about the oil market and the changes in supply and demand on the long run, a precise forecasting about the future of oil , supply quantities ,prices , and revenues is one of the most difficult things.
The research explains the importance of oil in the gulf international relations then it deals with the oil capacities of the gulf countries these countries own 66 of the world total reserves . (679 billion barrels ). The research Tackled the effect of oil of the economy of the gulf countries especially the gross domestic product. Oil constitutes a large ratio in gross domestic product . The research also deals with the elements that affect the future of the gulf oil like the American interest and the changes in the international oil market and mixing the gulf with globalization . The research ends with results and recommendations