ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Abdullah Salman, Haitham

The Reality of Scientific Research and Development in the GCC States

Haitham Abdullah Salman; Amjad Al-Sabah al-Asadi

Gulf Economist, Volume 25, Issue 15, Pages 184-222

The scientific research and development played an important role in the evolution process of the development in knowledge-based economies.It become one of the key features that drive economies around competition and technological development, but still the reality of scientific research and development in the GCC countries face significant challenges and obstacles, such as the inability to formulate clear policies and specific trends of development, the absence of mechanisms that link output research and development process, the absence of economic incentives for investment . The progress in the field of scientific projects and joint research, israther weak. The weak coordination or cooperation , either for quantitative indicators of the weak funds on research and development in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the proportion of scientific publishing and copyright is not very encouraging