ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Jawad Kadhim, Hussein

Reality of Micro-Projects and Requirements of Development

Hussein Jawad Kadhim

Gulf Economist, Volume 25, Issue 15, Pages 75-97

The Micro-Projects Sector is one of the most vital activities that work to support the economies of countries, it leads to avoiding many problems like unemployment, poverty, inflation and exporting. Experiments that have been implemented by advanced and developing countries demonstrated that this sector is able to push the economical development if it emerged in suitable environment. The inconstant economical and political circumstances that exist in Iraq and the absence of legal framework could support these micro-projects. Most of fund incomes were from families and individuals, it forms the major portion, it is regarded the sources of consumption expenditure rather than source of economic growth. Hence, it is highly important to work on providing the convenient environment to develop these micro projects. The existen of including the legal framework that are active more active can facilitate fund flow. Significant issue is looking for other countries experiences and successes