ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Jason Jafar, Iqbal

Fuzzy Expert System for Electric Energy Consumed Prediction in Arab Gulf Countries

Kholoud Moussa Omran; Iqbal Jason Jafar

Gulf Economist, Volume 26, Issue 16, Pages 235-262

This research gives an overview of using fuzzy logic with traditional expert system to design a fuzzy expert system for the determination of electric energy consumed prediction in Arab Gulf countries according to some economic indicators.
The purpose of this paper is to design a fuzzy expert system for modeling the system behavior of electric energy consumed prediction and to indicate the factors which effect the consumed electric energy such as the population and the electric energy generators. This paper explained the Mamdani model which is used in the purposed system.
The proposed fuzzy expert system is used for computing the future demand of the electric energy consumed in Arab Gulf countries . To show the effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy expert system it is compared with another traditional mathematical method. The proposed method gives a close result compared with the normal mathematical method