ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Rasul Shahid Ajami, Abdul

Tab line : A study of the Political and Economical Dimensions 1943 – 1950

Abdul Rasul Shahid Ajami

Gulf Economist, Volume 26, Issue 16, Pages 57-80

The American official circles pay a lot of serious and considerable attention to oil condition, especially at the beginning of 1943. This happens due to the expectations and predictions of the very close exhaustion of American oil reserve , which increases Americas worries and fears that lead it to start quick and active procedures. One of these is to protect the American oil reserve from running out quickly .
The American Government started its trials by first ,assuring the continuity of the Arab Gulf oil reserve through its participation in the privilages that the America Companies have got in the region . second , American did this by constructing an official establishment to do this job . Carrier pipelines have been made to pass through the Saudi Arab Kingdom up to the Mediterian harbors . That is why the idea of making the Tab line comes to solve the American oil crisis .