ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Abdulsamad Alchrida Tamimi, Yassin

The Effect of the Economic Factors in Educatine Planning

Yassin Abdulsamad Alchrida Tamimi

Gulf Economist, Volume 26, Issue 16, Pages 12-42

The persons who are in charge on the economic planning feel increasingly day after the other that the economic planning dose not reach its object ( goal ) It is accompanied by planning for education and teaching and meets the needs of economists and the educationalists who will be obliged to know the shared fields between them . Therefore the social and the economical changes should be modified by general educational changes .
The research deals with : the relation between the economical and educational planning and the costs in educational Sector , the types of these costs : the current and the capital ones , the direct and the indirect costs , the way of counting the cost unit in educational sector and the cause of cost increasing in this sector . The research also deals with the fund in educational sector ant its sources ( the internal and the external ones ) and any other sources . The research ends with many conclusions and recommendations that are of importance in this field.