ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Lecturer. Iqbal Jassim J, Assist

Internet Development In GCCs

Assist Lecturer. Iqbal Jassim J; efer

Gulf Economist, Volume 27, Issue 19, Pages 126-158

Information technology represents one of the most
important principles that the world depends on to achieve
advance and development in different fields. This research
Endeavour’s to survey the reality of using this technology in
gulf cooperative council states, and the extent to which
these countries succeeded to reduce the digital gap with
other countries in the world. It surveys the most important
indicator analysis them, together with the steps taken to
provide the necessary requirement for these societies.
The study presents a brief of the most significant steps
taken by these states in this direction. The results reveal the
necessity of providing internet service and
telecommunications in accordance with population number.
Infrastructure of Internet needs to be developed owing to its
importance for different field particularly for economic field.