ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Lecturer. Rasha Mahdi Salih, Assist

Management Administrative forms and its Impact on Workers Stimulation " Surrey Study at the general Company of Iraqi Ports in Basrah

Assist Lecturer. Rasha Mahdi Salih

Gulf Economist, Volume 27, Issue 19, Pages 159-189

The aim of this research is to reveal the effect of
managerial leadership Style and determines its dimensions
, finding the relationship and effect between the leadership
Style and its effect in the process of motivation .
The research was applied in State Company for Iraqi
ports , the sample size of (73) employee and holding
bachelor the research depend on a questionnaire list to the
five fold Scale (likert) .
The research was based one important hypothesis which
implies that there is relationship and significant effect
between the leadership Styles and the motivation levels .
The research reached to effects like carelessness of
the sample individuals is the research's topic in dictatorial
arbitrary leadership .Some of recommendations are
presented in the end of research like necessity of setting up
developed courses in managerial organization to develop
their managerial abilities for leading their subordinates
perfectly to guarantee their defending , the Continuation of
their work in the organization and seeking for the
development of their tendencies and abilities .