ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Khair Allah khalif, Maryam

Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Assist Lecturer; Maryam Khair Allah khalif

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 20, Pages 277-327

The tourism sector occupies an increasing importance in the Saudi economy and depends on it in activation the economic development and variation of origin of income and generate more of the chance of work and improve the situating of balance of payment.
Tourism considers one of the capital jobs and it is an important support for strengthening the national economy for economical utility which presented in the means of travel and other services which tourist needs there are much more of evaluator of tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia which represent in humanity and natural evaluator. And any drop in these evaluator carry out problem and difficulties in the future of tourism and promotion of tourism in the region, also the research includes the centers of tourist lodging and employ the tourist activation in Saudi Arabia.