ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Lecturer, Assist

The Effect of some Social and Demographic Variables on fertility In Iraq

Assist Lecturer; Nadia Ali Ayed

Gulf Economist, Volume 28, Issue 21, Pages 285-310

Fertility is one of the most important factors that effect the population growth as well as mortality and migration , therefore the high rate of growth attributed to the high fertility . The total fertility rate 6.2 birth to every woman for population in 1987 .
The rate dropped to 5. 7 birth for population in 1997 , so population growth declined from 3. 13% in 1987 to 3. 5% in 1997 . Despite the decline , fertility rate still high in Iraq compared to many countries .The study included all provinces and baspd on published data in books and reports of Iraq`s numan development ror 2008, the survey of living conditions for 2004, and population census for 1987 and 1997 , where the correlation matrix cestimated that reflect the relation ship between fertility rate and a set of demographic , economic and social variables , their relation ship between each other . and estimate the effects on the response variabl which is the total fertility rate throuh the use of regresjion analysis