ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Lecturer, Assist

Free Zone Reality in Khor ALZubair A field Study

Ali Talib Shihab; Assist Lecturer

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 22, Pages 70-95

This research aims to highlights the importance of free zones for the host countries especially the importance of Khor – Alzubair free zone which is one of the most important free zones for Iraqi economy under the auspices of economic openness after 2003 This research will review the beginning and the most important components of success for free zones to reach for it is effectiveness in Iraqi economy , also the researcher reach to some conclusions and recommendations more significant is non – ability of Khor – Alzubair free zone to achieve it is objectives and it will stay isolate from the economic activities in Iraqi beside of the weakness of activities of this free zone and the only activity in the commercial activity