ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Mayah Shibib Al Shemari Assist Prof, Dr.

The Current Global Economic Crisis Causes, Effects and Lessons Learned

Dr. Mayah Shibib Al Shemari Assist Prof

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 23, Pages 79-109

The research focuses on the global economic crisisIn 2008.The reasons of occurrence, mechanisms andtransition to the capitalist system, it described the manifestations of this crisis and its difference with othercrises of Capitalist ,the research also measured the impact of consumer spendingon economic growth,the impact of bank loans,on the global development, the research studiedtheorientalist look of the current global economic crisis effects,and explained the effects of the economic crisis on the Iraqi economy, the extent of vulnerability or not at this crisis,also described what are the lessons learned from the current global financial crisis concluding some conclusions .