ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Mohemmed Abud Taher, prof.Dr.

The Advantage Possibility of Technological Incabators and Scientific Parks In Iraqi Universities to Serve Community and Economic Development

prof.Dr. Mohemmed Abud Taher

Gulf Economist, Volume 29, Issue 23, Pages 38-78

The world has witnessed huge economic transformations during the past decades through small & medium enterprises (SMEs), which played a basic role in the economic development process in the world, especially those which concerned with modern technology. These enterprises have become the main source for business and economic development.
The states with advanced economy have worked on preparing programmes and mechanisms to support SMEs and innovate ideas and transform them into marketable products. One of these mechanisms is business incubators. Iraq, like other states in the world, seeks mechanisms to support and develop the national economy, but it is still not advanced in the field of business incubators especially the technological incubators and scientific parks related to universities.
In our current study, we will shed light on the concepts and international experiences in business incubators and scientific parks to transfer their expertise to Iraq. Descriptive analysis of researches and studies have been adopted to set the requirements and standards for the establishment of such incubators in the Iraqi universities to be a basis to support the development in Iraq