ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Radhi Ja, Mohamed

Economic effects For the Establishment of the Kuwaiti Port “Mubarak” on Iraqi Ports

Mohamed Radhi Ja; afar

Gulf Economist, Volume 30, Issue 24, Pages 210-235

Trade and economic relations between Iraq and Kuwait before
the rule of the former regime was strong and solid Iraq was the
breadbasket of Kuwait, trade land ,sea transportand , Transit trade
flourished until 1959,and after Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait in
1990,relations became weak in trade between the two
countries,after the fall of the former regime ,the Kuwaiti economic
relations have evolved a lot in various economic fields due to the
geographical location of Kuwait,which makes it the main gate for
Iraq reconstruction and this is linked to the political stability in
Iraq,formation of a democratic Iraqi government believes in the
right of neighborliness and brotherhood and respect based on
common economic interests between the two countries,but Kuwait
still influenced by Iraq invasion and looking for control and
strangling Iraqi ports in the presence of foreign troops, s othis
weakens the security stability And hence it is an opportunity for
Kuwait to set up the important strategic projects that bring benefit
for the Kuwaiti economy