ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Yahya Hmud Hasan, Dr.

Knowledge Economy Reality In GCC Countries According to Digital Content Indicators

Dr. Yahya Hmud Hasan

Gulf Economist, Volume 30, Issue 24, Pages 39-74

Research importance comes from the significant role of the digital
economy to change the mode of production, growth factors, the large
gap between the countries of the world, and the Gulf Cooperation
Council trying to work on the development of knowledge economy
indicators to reduce this gap between them and the developed
countries and take advantage of features offered by the electronic
The research plan:
The research dealt with conceptual framework of knowledge
economy and its importance in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC),2T
the 2Tresearch includes digital content indicators in GCC which was
divided into three readiness , density, and the result effect ,the
research mentioned the digital economy applications such as ecommerce
and e-government, 8Tvirtual8T electronic library ,media
,entertainment and e-health finally the research concluded
conclusions and recommendations