ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Lafi Merzuk, Atif

Economic Diversification In Arab Gulf Countries Rules and Guidelines Approoch

Atif Lafi Merzuk

Gulf Economist, Volume 30, Issue 24, Pages 75-122

Diversification is the study concerned with how to reduce
reliance on onesource of in come .That diversification needs to
provide basic conditions8T12T, 8T12TAlchrok tbasic capabilities are human
andphysical capacity and financial8T12T, as well as 8T12Tconditions of the
task is how to act in countries with an economic focus in the
management of the surplus of money.This study focused on
these conditions and put evidence and indicators by which to
understand the degree of diversification of the economy .Applied
study was conducted on the Persian Gulf countries and the study
found significant results in predicting which states will be more