ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Abdullah Salman, Haitham

Roles of Dutch Disease and Resource Curse in Propagation of Corruption in Iraq

Haitham Abdullah Salman

Gulf Economist, Volume 31, Issue 25, Pages 1-26

The administrative and financial corruption in Iraq is not a new issue, but became widespread phenomenon due to the political changes since 2003 until current time. It has led for many economic, political and social troubles. However, the hypothesis of this paper assumed that addressing of corruption would mitigate the negative economic influences of Dutch disease and resource curse. This study included three sections, and the major conclusion of study has revealed that the research hypothesis and economic reality are compatible. And the most important recommendations of this study is; restructuring the independent Anti-corruption organizations and other related institutions - such as commission of integrity, board of supreme Audit, and inspector general office - to be integrated in one general institution called “Supreme Board for Financial Audit, Administrative, and Legal and Social Affairs” includes four directorates which are; Administrative Supervision Commission, Financial Supervision Commission, legal Supervision Commission and Social Supervision Commission. Subsequently, the obligation of the supreme board will be directed according to the type of corruption, not to its level.