ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Rashed Kamil, Mayada

Investment in insurance companies and its impact on the economic development in Iraq: Afield study in national and Iraqi insurance companies, (2011-2014)

Mayada Rashed Kamil

Gulf Economist, Volume 32, Issue 29, Pages 85-135

This research aims to identify the importance of investing in insurance companies, as one of the financial institutions that exerted an important role in economic and social activity, In terms of the collection and saved of premiums and invested in different areas of economic life. In order to achieve available profits to cover the obligations and provides the appropriate reserves to cope the unexpected fluctuations. The function of investing in insurance companies in the allocation and operation of the available financial resources, as well as reducing the investment risks, the research also aims to clarify the important role of insurance companies in the economy and to identify the constraints that will be faced, and identify the most important factors for the success of the function of investment in insurance companies, the research found a set of suggestions that show the important role of insurance companies in economic development and recommend for developing the insurance sector to contribute in the development process