ISSN: 1817-5880

Author : Sari Fars, Naji

Effects Economic and financial crises in the Iraqi economy

Naji Sari Fars

Gulf Economist, Volume 33, Issue 33, Pages 103-131

Affected economic activity in various countries around the world Negatively or positively, with many crises, including economic crises, Political and natural, and there are social crises . As some of the crises That occur negatively on the country or several countries, and observe Others from these countries crises affect positively, by exploiting this Crisis and take advantage of the weaknesses that have occurred and Processing, and turn them into strengths through the exploitation of Natural and human resources and proper planning for by drawing a Successful economic policy . An example of this rise in oil prices Positively affect the economies of oil exporting countries, while the Drop in oil prices, it affects Aijaaaly importing economies him . The social Crises spread of disease, illiteracy negative impact on the countries Where these diseases are spread, and there are countries working on The discovery of treatments to eliminate these diseases, and so the case For every crisis of this crisis, but the types of crises differ in developed Countries than in developing countries. The Iraqi economy has passed Many crises affecting direct impact, because of its geographical and Economic position of Iraq . And the crisis in the floods that destroyed Most of the farmland that have occurred in the recent past, and after The Iraq war came - Iran, which is the major crisis that stretched the Iraqi economy, and the crisis in the first Gulf War, and after the crisis, The economic blockade, which has impacted on the economic, social And environmental life and in turn resulted in this crisis to increase Deaths and illnesses and the high unemployment and poverty rates, leading to a decline in the standard of living of the individual in Iraq. Came the second Gulf War, which brought down the previous regime, Increased the suffering of Iraq and its economy, which depends on oil Revenues . So these crises led to the migration of many scientific Competencies. And it increased suffering through looting which led to The sabotage of economic sectors, and the smuggling of most of the Equipment and machinery abroad . The most important crises which Have a direct impact economically, socially and culturally, battle Terrorism Aldaasha on Iraq . Therefore , one of the main causes of The Iraqi economy stumbled in previous years and the absence of Proper planning economic program in various economic sectors .